Standing by South Texas Families

Health Care

  • Expand Medicaid to ensure more working families have access to primary care doctors instead of relying on emergency rooms.

  • Support new mothers and expand Medicaid eligibility from 6 months to 1 year post pregnancy.

  • Address the nursing shortage and provide more scholarships to encourage young people into frontline health care careers and help keep the best and the brightest in our community.




  • Address teacher burnout exacerbated by the pandemic by raising teacher pay and relieving the pressure to teach to the test.

  • Fund universal pre-K when brain development is critical and help ensure all children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

  • Support and expand career technology education in K-12 to train for hirable job skills at salaries that can break the cycle of poverty.

  • Expand graduate degree programs throughout South Texas colleges to meet the demands for jobs in science, engineering, and energy industries.


Small Business

  • Support a strong business environment, especially for small businesses who are the driving force in job creation.

  • Increase access to capital to help small businesses come back from the pandemic and create a small business incubator fund to support innovation

  • Ensure state contracts are awarded evenly to businesses of all sizes.

  • Increase investment in workforce development training, partnering with community colleges and Texas State Technical Institute.


Fix the Grid

  • Clamp down on price gouging during natural disasters and make sure the exorbitant costs incurred during the winter storm are not passed down onto consumers. 

  • Promote weatherization and strengthen emergency planning to ensure stability during hurricanes and natural disasters.

  • Advocate for increased broadband access for all residents to ensure everyone has access to quality telemedicine and expanded education.